Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Art & Kitchen Pantry/shelves

I have some new art pieces at my house! They are originals by an up-and-coming 7 (almost 8) year old artist--my niece E!! *grin*

While staying with me during Isaac, E decided that all of my rooms needed to be labeled for everyone's convenience. 
(I'm guessing that's the couch)

(I think that's the shower curtain)

(sewing machine maybe? and scissors on the craft table)

(that's me--wish I were really that thin! ha!)
(the living/dining room)

She didn't label the kitchen--I guess it's pretty self-explanatory.

Now--for the kitchen pantry. Last weekend, my dad helped me (or rather I helped him) build a new pantry/shelf unit for my kitchen! It will eventually be painted and will have doors--except for the large opening in the center. That portion will remain open to the wall, and I'll hang my big Picasso rooster needlework in there.

 Ok--so this is the backside, and the brace will eventually come off. On the left of the picture is the main pantry section. Over on the right--the broom closet (far right) and some cleaning products storage cubbies. In the middle will be storage on the bottom (with doors). The center section, again, will remain open to the wall for display space. The whole thing will be white--and the wall is yellow that will show through (see here--and I just realized that probably isn't the best title for a blog post--hahaha *grin*--so please read the whole post if you haven't already so that you'll know it's not about unfortunate bodily functions...).

Well, I need to go sand the pantry unit so that tomorrow I can paint it. I've decided to do it in stages since it's a long weekend.

I also need to go to Hancock's and get some new fabric for the backing on my quilt. I'm down to exactly one month before I have to drop it off for the show. Argh!

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