Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Update on the Pantry

I now have a new pantry unit in my kitchen! It's just not anchored to the wall yet, so I can't put anything in/on it!! *grin*  But that will come very soon, I hope (hint, hint, brother-in-law).

This is how I spent my Labor Day holiday--painting said pantry and then moving it (with the help of the brother-in-law) into the kitchen. I once again was covered in paint, though I don't believe I got any in my hair this time.

freshly painted--baseboard to be added later
Whilst I was finishing up the bottom shelf on the right, my 87 year old across-the-street neighbor walked over. He had been outside in his swing and saw me painting. Turns out, he knew my last name and knew my entire family back to my great-grandfather, of course. (And yes, that is a refrigerator on my carport. I promise I'm not that person!)

freshly moved in
As I said in my last post, doors will be added eventually, and some molding up top. The big section in the center will look a little something like this...

...once it's anchored and I can safely hang the picture in a central spot. 

 Yay! It's almost done! Thanks for stopping by!

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