Sunday, September 30, 2012

My "Breakfast" In Bed

Sometimes it's nice to have breakfast in bed--even if I have to get up and fix it for myself. Today was not one of those times.

I was peacefully slumbering, dreaming of a two-story Wal-Mart (NO--this is not truly a dream of mine as I despise having to go to Wal-Mart. Two stories would just make it more of a nightmare). Jude, my lovely, sweet, boy-cat had been outside since about 5:50 a.m. It was now about 7:15. The only reason I know this is because of what happened when Jude came back inside.

If you'll recall my post from the other day (here), he left me a present in the living/dining room. Well, I guess he was in a giving mood again this morning.

I awoke when Jude jumped up on the bed and began pawing at my legs. Normally this means he just wants to snuggle up, but he just wouldn't stop and lay down. So I sat up to see what was wrong with him. And that's when I got my breakfast in bed.

In his mouth, Jude had some small animal. UP. ON. MY. BED. "Thank you, but Jude, you have got to stop bringing animals inside!" I said to him. So what does he do? He drops said animal onto my bed. It was then that I see it's a small bird--because it started flapping it's wings vigorously all around my bed. Luckily, it was still too stunned to fly! 

Jude promptly picks the poor thing up and gives it to me again. I manage to get hold of it and see that it's a hummingbird. Loosely wrapping my hand around it, I went to the den to get a better look. I can feel this little bird's heart beating a million miles a minute!!  I'm not sure if he'll make it, but I pet him on the head and talk to him some, mostly apologizing for my cat's prowess at catching small flying things (usually bugs). 

After a few minutes, I take little birdie outside, trying to decide if I want to put him down anywhere--a bush, tree, etc. I have no shoes on and can't get off the porch, so I go back inside to get some shoes. That's when he decides to come back to life and starts flapping his wings. Forget the shoes--I go out the carport door and open my hand, and little birdie flies off. Straight toward Jude who has apparently jumped the fence from the backyard and is in the neighbor's front yard.

So about 20 seconds later, Jude brings me my breakfast. Again. Poor little bird!! I pick him up (he's not flopping around this time) not knowing if he'll make it this time. But after several more minutes (and a couple of pictures) he flies off--this time from the back porch (Jude's still under the carport out front) and into a tree in the neighbor's back yard. Let's hope he's not too internally damaged. And that he won't fly into Jude's path again!

This was taken about a minute and a half before he perked up and flew off.
I love my sweet Jude, but I'll be very grateful if he never brings me breakfast in bed again!

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  1. Poor hummingbird!!!!! I would have screamed like a girl if it flapped its wings on my bed. Bleh!!!