Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Demo/Reno Day 1

Day 1 of demo and reno on the new house began with, continued with, and ended with taking up not just one layer of linoleum in the kitchen, but FOUR layers!!!  Holy Moley!! 

My sweet daddy, who happens to be able to do anything, spent five hours leaning on the electric floor scraper and banging away with the human-powered scraper. He had help from my cute cousin Zach (girls--as far as I know, he's available!). Then my brother-in-law came in and helped on the home stretch. What a day! 
my dad and zach working on the multiple layers of linoleum

the human-powered floor scraper

my wonderful daddy riding the electric floor scraper
 Once my brother-in-law, who is also a jack of all trades!, got there, he started demo on my master bath. It was nasty in there under the stick-on squares of linoleum...
disassembling the toilet...

taking out the sliding glass doors (already gone here)

tub's out!
We also began priming--got the living/dining room done! My aunt stayed til about 10pm I guess and finished up the ceiling in there, too (Thank you!!). No pictures of that...but you can close your eyes and imagine a big white room. *grin*

More updates to come as they occur...

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

New House!! (Before)

Well, well, well. It's been well over a month since I've posted anything. I'm a terrible blogger! My excuse(s)--I've been busy, and lazy. :)  But I have been busy working on buying a new (to me) house!  I'm so excited--even though it's going to take a good bit of work to get it all in order so I can move in.

Before I show you some before pics of the house, I thought I'd finally show you guys the after pic of my new cushions. Remember this ugly chair? (not the stools--the ugly green tweed chair in the background) Well, I had the cushions recovered, and they turned out wonderfully!!
I was going to change the wood--sand and stain it darker--but I think I'll just leave it as it is.

Now--to the house!
Now remember, these are ALL before the updates continue, I will post new pictures.

For now, the house is *mostly* cleaned...spent all day--literally--cleaning, but still have some more to do. It was quite filthy...

the den

living/dining room

the hallway
the OH SO NASTY kitchen!
master bath--again, nasty. will have a new shower
master bedroom
the *very* green room--this will be my sewing/craft room
the guest room
the guest bath--love the floor, right? ha!
the library/office
the front entry hall, or, the foyer (insert snooty accent here)

So--that's my house! Next comes continued cleaning, then the painting begins. Then the flooring. Woohoo!! Can't wait to share some progress pics with you!

Thanks for stopping by...I promise it won't be long before I have another post. Promise!