Saturday, September 8, 2012

futbol, Futbol, FUTBOL!! (and a quilt update)

Today was opening day for fall soccer! But let me tell you--It. Was. HOT!! Cheese muffins was it hot!! My knees are sunburned. My knees!! And we were sitting under the But fun was had by all *grin*

R played first, but I didn't get to see her 1st game because I had to go to another field with E because her 1st game was starting before R's finished.

That's my sweet R, above. She plays every game, all game long, with her tongue out. A true athlete! Haha!! When she and my sister made it over to E's game, she told me she made so many goals that she lost count. Way to go R!!

E has improved SO MUCH since the spring...she made 2 goals in her first game and 1 in her second game! She also played defender and kicked some major butt! (sorry the pic's so far away--E is in the peach jersey, right center, next to the tall girl in orange)

I'm so proud of how well E played!

I got to see R in her second game, and it was quite humorous. R played more than all the girls out on the field put together. One little girl (R is in a younger bracket) kept walking off the field in the middle of play to get cheese crackers. Another chased a butterfly around--I kid you not! Her coach: "chase the ball, forget the butterfly!" And then at another point, R was basically the only one left on the field because all the other little girls got tired of playing *grin* Good stuff!

Now for the quilt update. The actual quilting is coming along nicely, and I have the wounds to prove it! I put the binding together last night, so it will be ready and waiting when I complete the quilting portion of the exercise.

koi is swimming along!
 I'm really proud of how it's looking so far!

And now I am probably going to go to bed even though it's only 8:30 p.m. I'm POOPED from today! (I also went for a jog this afternoon--but there was a wonderful breeze, so it wasn't too bad or too hot).

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  1. I really like how the water ripples came out.. REALLY makes it look like movement. Very good girl... :) i can't wait to see the finished product.

    and GO E and R!!!!! :)