Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIP--Autism Awareness

So I have this friend, Heather--the one I did the owl for (another preposition ending a sentence...I know...I can't believe I'm doing it again). We she has this friend who has a blog about her cookies (and other things). You can see it over at The Cookie Puzzle. Anyway, this friend of a friend is doing guest blog spots on her blog in April for Autism Awareness Month, and she asked if I would be interested in doing something crafty having to do with Autism Awareness. 

Well despite my line of work, I don't deal much or know much about Autism other than what I learned in graduate school 10+ years ago. So I decided I'd do it--do something crafty with an Autism Awareness theme, and hopefully learn a little more in the process.

So I decided I'd do an embroidery piece.  Here is a little look at what I've gotten done so far...

(Just an FYI--the seed stitch filling I'm using in the red puzzle piece is a PAIN IN THE REAR!! It takes FOR. EVER!)

And just a little aside here--I just saw that my little blog has had 1000 views!!  This is exciting as I don't post very much, and I only advertise my blog on FaceBook! My one year blogiversary is in a few days as well *grin*  Yay me!

Thanks for stopping by!

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