Friday, February 24, 2012

Spend-a-nite Party...

It has been a REALLY long week at work, but I've managed to crochet every night except tonight. Tonight, I am having a "spend-a-nite" party with my five and a half year old niece R. 
This is R...

She has been dying to come spend the night because it has been a while and because her 7 year old sister E had an impromptu spend-a-nite after our drive back from the airport a couple weeks ago.

So tonight instead of crocheting, I'm sitting on the couch with R watching "How to Train Your Dragon." For the 20th time. At least. But hey--it's better than "The Aristocats" for the 200th time!!! (And I probably just jinxed myself since the night is still young. Maybe not though...).

Crocheting will resume tomorrow, and I'll have a pic of another project I'm working on--a polka dot afghan :)

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