Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crochet Flower Triptych and Polka Dot Squares Update

First order of business today--I am SO excited!!!  I've just looked at my stats, and I've had EIGHT views from the Ukraine!  How cool is that?!?

Now for an update on the crochet flower triptych. I've primed and painted the frames...
during primer


and allowed time for proper drying. The color doesn't show up well in this picture, but it's a very pretty "satin nickel."

Now as I said before, I got these frames for cheap, and they didn't come with hangers (other than the cut out on the backside of the cardboard backer). So, I bought some hangers and hammered them in. When you do this, just make sure you MEASURE first (as I did NOT) so that you can get them centered the first time! :) These just hammer right in--no nails required.
hammer-in hanger

(These are my "it's between warm and cold outside so I'll wear socks and flip-flops" toe socks :) I promise I do NOT wear these in public--except to my Granny's house. Just thought I'd share a little socky happiness today!)

Now back to the triptych...

Put it all together, and VOILA! Beautiful crochet flower triptych for my guest bedroom!
the triptych

detail--the red flower (sorry about the glare)

I also mentioned yesterday that I've been working on some polka dot squares for a polka dot afghan. I got the idea from yet another wonderful crocheter--Little Woollie.  I'm not sure how big my afghan will be yet--but it will probably be just a lap afghan. 

You can make this with any color combination, and they are REALLY easy and quick. Little Woollie has very good and clear instructions for this pattern. 
Here's what I have completed so far:
multi-color polka squares
 And I just have to say that it (so far) is a BEAUTIFUL Saturday in Mississippi :) 

This is the day that the Lord has made; 
let us rejoice and be glad in it!
Psalm 118:24

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  1. hey.. its heather.. LOVE the socks.. i need some.. buy me some.... oh and the frames came out great.. :)