Sunday, June 3, 2012

Light at the end of the tunnel!!! (and it's NOT the train!)

Boy am I tired! We are STILL working on getting all the priming done so we can start painting. But--this weekend we are THIS CLOSE to being done!! Woohoo!!! *grin*

The bathroom is now finished, too!!  Just needs to be primed, painted, floor laid, and the toilet put back in. Haha--so not quite finished, but close! My wonderful brother-in-law has worked every single day AFTER he gets off work. He's got the shower in, the sheet rock up, and he's built my medicine cabinet and my linen cabinet. Now I've got to get to work painting in there and in my bedroom tomorrow so he can start laying the floor.

Another "during" shot--This is my brother-in-law building the frame for the shower. It had to be either raised up or he would have had to chop out about 18 inches of concrete...I said let's take the easy way! He said, "don't take a picture of my butt!" when I shot this pic haha! 

My new shower! Remember this ugly bathroom? The white space on the right side of the frame is where my linen cabinet now sits. I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but one will be forthcoming. 

Isn't my medicine cabinet great? I know it doesn't look like much in this picture, but it's set back into the wall, and I have a framed mirror all ready to attach as the door...well it IS attached, but again, I just haven't taken the photo yet. However, you can see the hole where the linen cabinet will sit. (and that light fixture will be going soon)

My aunts Andrea and Ramona who have also worked tirelessly helping get the placed primed and ready to paint! Here they are working on priming the hallway. They've been loads of help *grin* love you guys!!

I purchased most of my paint last weekend from Sherwin Williams while it was on sale. The only paint I still need to purchase is paint for the exterior doors and shutters--and when I figure out what that color will be who knows--and the finish coat for the kitchen cabinets.

It seems like we've been working forever, but it has only been two weeks. But, I can see light at the end of the tunnel now that it's all primed. 

And thanks to my sister for helping shuttle us some food when we need it and for mixing up the cleaner I've used on works great! 

I also have to mention my little helper I had yesterday--my niece E. She was a big help in scrubbing down all the doors and closet shelves that we dragged outside. (Did I mention the house was nasty???) She really really wanted to paint, so I let her practice on a kitchen cabinet door that won't be going back in the house. So now she's all prepared to paint the closet shelves when the time comes!

Today I'm resting, but we'll be back to work tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by, and keep coming back to check for updates on my house!

And don't forget to check out my sister's new blog when you get a minute!

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